APSRTC Mobile App Survey

APSRTC Mobile App Survey

Apsrtc has launched a mobile app recently and it shows the commitment of APSRTC to provide consistently high quality of services through the technology enhancement according to its growth and to continuously improve the services with the team through a process of teamwork for winning the hears of satisfaction of apsrtc and tsrtc passengers and to attain a good  position in the Bus Transport sector all over the world technology improvement and app development shows its commitment.It recently is conducting a survey to know the pulse of the passenger and let coustomers know APSRTC Mobile app importance it is as shown in the below which ask you only few question take your survey help APSRTC fill APSRTC Mobile App Survey as 

Fill below details in APSRTC Mobile App Survey
Mobile no
Email id
Do you know about the APSRTC Mobile APP?
Did you downloaded the APSRTC Mobile APP?
Is it useful or not?

APSRTC Mobile App Survey

Mobile No
Email ID
Do you know about the APSRTC Mobile APP?YesNo
Did you downloaded the APSRTC Mobile APP?YesNo
Is it useful or not?YesNo

The APSRTC APP is Official Mobile Application which  includes below areas of enhancement:
1) APSRTC OPRS Online Ticket Booking which now you can book through mobile hassle free.
2)Ticket Cancellation -- very right away on mobile app
3)APSRTC e-Wallet, Online Passenger Reservation & Cancellation ..e-wallet will be useful where no card details directly use wallet cancallention also directly credits to apsrtc e-wallet
4)Live Tracking Long journey Buses you can track now on mobile and no long waiting for your loved once you can track and reach on time to pick on apsrtc.
5)Live Tracking City Buses in city also tracking is available on APSRTC Mobile app now .

Below are few offers now available as per apsrtconline.in website

Book Round Trip Tickets(when you book through APSRTC Online website or Mobile app)
1)Get 10% Discount on all AC srervices
2)Now you can book ticket 120 DAYS before in advance BOOKING which will be useful for sankranthi like festival as a example...:)
APSRTC has IMPROVED on its ONLINE BOOKING website to compete with private travels
a) Apsrtc online booking website has revamped its online booking page for simple loading.
b)Now on apsrtconline.in you can book as Guest user also as no special login and book ticket is required.
c) Now you have various options available for choosing service when booking tickets at your comfort by Bus Type, sort by departure time and fare).


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