APSRTC Hyderabad to RAJAHMUNDRY Bus Timings

APSRTC Hyderabad  to  RAJAHMUNDRY Bus Timings

RTC Bus Enquiry - Rajahmundry0883-12666, 0883-2468625, 9959225551, 0883 - 2422200
RTC Reservation0883-2466335, 9959225561, 0883 - 2422400
Regional Manager9959225524
Regional Manager Office0883-2464700, 9959225553
Deputy Chief Traffic Manager9959225526
DCTM Office9959225556
Depo Manager9959225532
Depo Manager Office9959225559
Rajahmundry To Hyderabad (Via Khammam)
6:30 P.M (ECIL), 7:00 P.M (KPHB), 7:30 P.M (BHEL), 7:45 P.M (KPHB), 8:00 P.M (BHEL), 8:30 P.M (ECIL), 8;45 P.M (JBS), 9:15 P.M (BHEL), 10:00 P.M (BHEL), 10:15 P.M (BHEL), 10:30 P.M (Garuda), 11:00 P.M (Garuda), 12:00 P.M (Garuda), 12:30 A.M (Garuda), 01:15 A.M (Garuda).
Rajahmundry To Hyderabad (Via Vijayawada)
8:30 P.M (KPHB), 9:00 P.M (KPHB), 9:45 P.M (KPHB), 10:00 P.M , 10:15 P.M (Garuda), 10:30 P.M (BHEL), 10:45 P.M, 11:00 P.M, 11:15 P.M (Garuda), 11:15 P.M , 11:35 P.M (KPHB), 12:15 A.M (Garuda), 12:30 A.M , 12:30 A.M .
Rajahmundry To Hyderabad (Via Maredumilli)3:00 P.M

About the Route

Moderate Route with 2 lane (no divider) for most part
Total buses in this route55
Approximate Distance425 Kms
Approximate Travel Time9 Hrs
* the above might differ from time to time and operator to operator based on climate, bus condition, etc.

Avg Bus Fares

No of Buses

No of Seats
Multi-axle Volvo/Benz Semi SleeperRs. 68018882
Volvo/Benz Semi SleeperRs. 6505205
A/C Seater---
A/C SleeperRs. 100010240
Non-A/C SeaterRs. 42022880
Non-A/C Sleeper---
* above prices are not fixed, may vary between operators, dates, seasons, etc
* above may vary from day to day

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