Hyderabad Bus Number from MGBS to Abids

Bus Number from MGBS to Abids

From : Mahatma Gandhi Bus Station (MGBS or IBS) 
To : Abids

Bus Numbers : 7, 7b, 7d, 7u, 9, 9k, 185c, 185 (Please add more numbers if we miss some ...)

Mahatma Gandhi Bus Station [MGBS] earlier known as Imlibun (means forest of tamarind trees) it is situated in south part of hyderabad.its unofficially known as IBS(Imlibun ) this terminal is situated in imlibun island on Musi river which is owned by APSRTC.MGBS comes a Hyderabad Depot-1.
MGBS covers an area 30 acres (120,000 m2) and built-up area in eight-hectare complex. It is completed at a cost of Rs 13 crores. There are 74 platforms for incoming and outgoing buses, a waiting hall of 7,380 square meters and a shopping complex of 3,455 square meters besides a 5,000 square meters area for private parking

Abids  or Abid Shop  is a major commercial center in Hyderabad, India. Abids is well known as the oldest and famous business area of Hyderabad. The state government building APSFC, and the President plaza are located here. A wide variety of businesses are located here. This area's importance has increased because of its close proximity to Nampally Railway Station.
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