On apsrtconline why back button dosent work

On apsrtconline why back button dosn't work
A Students(Renu's) letter to apsrtconline.in publishing here
 apsrtconline.in is the biggest website for booking bus tickets online i book tickets every week to go to my native placei see very un even bugs on the website is abhibus who maintains the website dont care its customer or APSRTC dont care of this or is it really not a bug?
Back button Dosent work
Go to any link not only cancel service.unexpected click .So if you want to go to home page it will not is this a BUG? in the website

No Homepage Icon

Their is no home page icon ok no issue atleast when i click on apsrtc logo or on some icon i need to go to home page is this a bug?

Please publish this

Please Publish more issues/Bugs on apsrtconline.in which you find and make website more near to people.
mail us at apsrtconlinein@gmail.com
Apsrtconline.in is the biggest online website for booking tickets of apsrtc buses
The information on this site is from internet sources incorrect information apsrtconline.info is not responsible ,Also keep in mind this site is no way related to Apsrtc or any government organization


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