APSRTC Customer Care information

APSRTC Customer Care information


APSRTC has been committed to give quality service to its customers. Its dedicated apsrtc contact numbers are ready to quench your quarries any time. You can make use of other facilities for customer handling and public relation like email ids and SMS numbers. Through its SMS facility you can check your reservation details instantly.

Quality of APSRTC Customer Care Services:

  • Always ready to serve public
  • Clarifies your complaints patiently
  • Different apsrtc contact numbers for different purposes
  • Many email ids for apsrtc customer care

Online chat/Live help link is available

Online live help is available for apsrtconline reservation of tickets where you can solve issue live click the below link

click here for live chat/live help

Below are contact information

For e-Ticketing/Refund Related Queries

E-Mail : online.support@apsrtconline.in

For Other Queries

E-Mail : customercare@apsrtconline.in

Phone No : 1800 200 4599

For Only SMS Queries*: +91 8019999999

Important APSRTC Contact Numbers:
  • Chairman- 040 27615744
  • Managing Director- 040 27511122
  • Director of security – 040 276154399
  • Executive Director – 040 27615587

Important Email IDs of APSRTC Customer Complaint:

Advantages Of Online Booking Of APSRTC Customer Care:

  • Easy and time saving
  • Very economical
  • Saves money

Procedure To File A Complaint:

  • Call on phone number assigned for concerned authority
  • Write an email and send it to email id of concerned authority
  • Give online complaint on official website of apsrtc customer complaint.

The information on this site is from internet sources incorrect information apsrtconline.info is not responsible ,Also keep in mind this site is no way related to Apsrtc or any government organization


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