Refund Procedure of Ticket cancelled

Refund Procedure of Ticket cancelled
1. In respect of tickets cancelled by the passenger, APSRTC will refund the amount applicable to the concerned Credit card / Debit Card account by APSRTC.
2. In respect of refunds due to ticket not booked but amount debited to passenger's account, passenger is requested to send an e-mail to mentioning USERID of the transaction. Officials of APSRTC will verify the details and refund the amount to the concerned Credit card / Debit Card account.
3. Refunds to passengers will be given normally in one month, after the cancellation of ticket or receipt of e-mail. If refunds are delayed more than a month, passengers may contact helpline telephone number at 040-33666999 from 04:00 hrs to 23:00 hrs.

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Unknown said...

I have booked ticket from Hyderabad to appanapalli on 23.02.2018 vin service no. 2842 in ticket no.85814727, unfortunately we have cancelled vide ON ref no 3035454170 and bank 371624088. The same was not credited in my bank. kindly look in to the matter.
Thanking you

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