Procedure for eticket booking

Procedure for eticket booking
Online Booking (Internet Booking) will enable the passenger to book the seats and cancel the ticket even from remote places where APSRTC counters or franchisees are not available. The procedure and guidelines for Internet booking (called, On-line booking) are detailed as below:
1. Booking can be made by Registered user through the Internet. Registered User will be given username and password after filling an E-form on the Internet by giving his personal details.
2. Payments for tickets booked will have to be made through Credit Card /Debit Card.
3. Passenger booking the ticket will have to login to APSRTC website and proceed through the link provided for Advance Booking. The passenger will select the seats in a service of his choice based on the availability.
4. The identification details are not required at the time of booking. The ID card will be required during journey. One of the passenger booked on an e-ticket should have any of the original identity cards (Driving License, Election Card, Ration Card, Photo ID card issued by Central/State Govt./Private Organisations, AdharCard, Pan Card, Passport, Credit Card with Photo identification, Student ID issued by any Institute, Pass Book with Photo issued by any Nationalised Bank ,CAT CARD issued by APSRTC) during bus journey.
5. Before confirming the booking, the passenger will have to provide payment details like 'Credit Card / Debit Card' for accepting payment by the Payment Gateway. The booking will be confirmed after the Payment Gateway approves the transaction. At this stage, an OB Reference Number will be generated for that ticket and passenger shall note this number for further communication in future with APSRTC and after successful transaction passenger can print the e-Ticket. 'e-ticket' will be printed on a plain paper (A4 size) for acknowledgement and it will be valid for journey. This e-Ticket MUST be produced at the time of boarding the bus along with ID proof.
6. Alternatively, the passenger will have the option of getting the “e-Ticket” printed at any other place where he has Internet connectivity and printing facility. He can print the “e-Ticket”, by logging on through his User ID from Booked History in My Account tab.
7. After successful transaction this e-Ticket will be sent to passenger’s mail address provided in his profile at the time of Registration. He can get the printout of this e-ticket from his mail.
8. During journey, with "e-Ticket", passenger has to possess the Original Identity Card mentioned in the "e-Ticket".
9. The on-duty Conductor (or Driver-cum-Conductor) will verify the Identity Card of the passenger mentioned in the e-Ticket during the journey. If the passenger fails to produce the specified Identity Proof in original during the journey, the ticket will be treated as INVALID and the passenger will be treated as "Travelling without Ticket". Photocopies of Identity proof are not allowed.
10. Partial cancellations are not allowed in respect of e-tickets.
11. For Registered users, cancellation is allowed online only if they login with the same user ID used for booking the ticket, which is to be cancelled. In respect of cancellations, refunds applicable will be made to the concerned Credit card / Debit Card account only.
12. Cancellation of e-tickets is only allowed one hour before the schedule start time at origin of the Service.
13. If the service is cancelled by APSRTC (or other STUs) for operational reasons, refund applicable will be made to the concerned Credit card / Debit Card account only.
14. If a passenger has lost the "e-Ticket", a copy of the same can be printed from "Booked History" module by logging on to APSRTC site, through his User ID and password. No charges will be applicable.
15. Alternatively he can get the printout from his email account, without logging into APSRTC site.
16. All transactions made by the user through on-line booking will be available in "Booked History". This will be for the reference of the passenger and subsequent verification of transactions made on the concerned Credit card / Debit Card account.
17. All transactions on Internet are subject to the conditions stipulated by the Payment Gateway and subject to levy of charges, if any. The APSRTC will levy a service charge of 2.5 % on the fare applicable for each seat in addition to the fare payable.
18. Users are advised to print e-tickets immediately after booking e-ticket to avoid inconvenience.
19. Payment Gateway Service charges will not be refunded for service cancellation / failure transactions in e-ticketing.
The information on this site is from internet sources incorrect information is not responsible ,Also keep in mind this site is no way related to Apsrtc or any government organization


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