APSRTC Overview

Andhra pradesh state road transport corporation provides transit facility in the state of andhra pradesh. It has in its fleet approximately 18000+ buses. Due to its strength in terms of the fleet, the number of miles it covers daily, the total number of employees, and connections to the adjacent states, APSRTC is considered as the largest state transport undertaking in the world. APSRTC runs intercity and inter district buses within the state of Andhra pradesh. It also runs interstate routes connecting to the adjacent states of Tamil Nadu, Orissa, Karnataka - KSRTC and Maharashtra. APSRTC runs air conditioned coach, sleeper coach, express buses, ordinary buses and special service buses to cater the needs of the passengers. Andhra Pradesh has a total road network of 178,474 Kilometers with about 12 National Highways of 4014 Kms. and State Highways of 8763 Kms.
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