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APSRTC is committed to provide consistently high quality of services and to continuously improve the services through a process of teamwork for the utmost satisfaction of the passengers and to attain a position of pre-eminence in the Bus Transport sector.
Corporate Philosophy
* To provide safe, clean, comfortable, punctual and courteous commuter service at an economic fare.
* To provide employee satisfaction in financial and humanistic terms.
* To strive towards financial self-reliance in regard to performance and growth.
* To attain a position of reputation and respect in the society.
Guiding Principles of APSRTC
* To provide efficient, effective, ethical management of the business.
* To assist the State administration in attaining good governance.
* To treat the customer, i.e. passenger, as a central concern of the Corporation's business and provide the best possible service.
* To explore and exploit technological, financial and managerial opportunities and developments and render the business cost effective at all times.
* To regularly and constantly improve the capabilities of employees for higher productivity.
* To focus on service conditions and welfare of the employees and their families consistent with their worth to the Corporation.
* To fulfill its obligation to the State and Central governments by optimizing return on investment.
* To emphasize environmental and community concerns in the form of reducing air and noise pollution.
* To consciously conform to the policy guidelines of the State in its business operations.
* To reach a position of pre-eminence in bus transport business.

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